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Hi, I am Mugunthan Balakrishnan

Just call me Mugs

Mugunthan Balakrishnan
User Experience Designer

With over two decades of experience in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, I have had the privilege of turning user insights into practical business outcomes. My journey has allowed me to work on projects that improved user engagement and enhanced conversion metrics and user retention for various clients.

My aim has always been to achieve tangible results rather than just visually appealing designs. By merging design principles with software development insights, I believe in a comprehensive approach where aesthetics and performance coexist.

For clients who've collaborated with me, the focus has been to develop strategies that resonate with their target audience, improving user satisfaction and positively impacting business performance. Working with me means entering a collaborative effort dedicated to achieving your business objectives through practical user experience.

I've had the privilege to collaborate with esteemed brands, including the Department of Health Victoria, Life Saving Victoria, Swoop, Appscore, and Brosa, among other distinguished brands.

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Call: +61 424 903 230

Location : Melbourne, Australia

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